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We currently do not have any dates scheduled for .
However, if you are interested in taking any of the classes or training that we offer, whether it is just for you or a group, please do not hesitate to contact us about scheduling any of our classes, coaching or training.
Safety is always first. We are very pro second amendment and welcome responsible safe carry, Please make sure you notice the rules on guns for the class you are taking. Some will be gun free areas, and often ammunition free zones where we do ask you to safely prove the gun is unloaded and chamber flagged for the class. Going to and from the live fire range, chamber flags are required on unladed guns. Some may be provided to use, and the range often has them for sale as well. FAILURE TO FOLLOW CLASS SAFETY RULES may result in reprimand and/or removal from the class and you may forfeit some or all of your class costs. A valid Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho or Nevada state issued drivers License or pictured identification card is required for all classes and training sessions. There will be no refunds issued for nonattendance of any class or training session.
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